OrgSync UMD departments information


The Stamp is officially granting access to University of Maryland departments in OrgSync online tool!  OrgSync is designed to improve information sharing among students, staff, faculty and/or public.  

Why UMD departments? 

Departments on campus often have unique needs. They have their own groups to manage, individuals to communicate with, and reports to analyze. OrgSync enables each division or department to have a separation of powers, manage their day-to-day operations independently of one another, and connect with students, organizations, and programs.


Two ways departments can use OrgSync:

1)  Portals 

Portals create a central, online location for departments and student leaders to more efficiently manage their organizations and stakeholders. Portals are part of the larger campus community and administrators have the ability to oversee and manage their activity.


2)  Umbrellas

Umbrellas relate to a specific division, department, or office on campus and each community may have just one or multiple umbrellas depending on how you choose to structure your community. Every umbrella has its own administrators with the authority to oversee and manage various aspects of the department and portals it supervises.


Below is the list of features available to UMD departments for information sharing.


·         Discussion Forums

·         Messaging

·         News

·         Privacy Controls

·         Text Messaging

·         Polls

·         Mobile Access

·         Contact Book

·         Advertising Promotions

·         Events

·         Calendars

·         Participation Tracking

·         Timesheets

·         To-Do lists

·         File Sharing

·         Pages

·         Photos

·         Videos

·         Websites

·         Forms

·         Social Media

·         Involvement Tracking

·         Co-curricular Transcript


OrgSync UMD departments is managed by the Stamp Technology (IT) Services.  Any questions or to request a portal for your department, please email stampweb@umd.edu .  You can also visit http://www.orgsync.com/  for more details on this amazing online tool!


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